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Cover Letter I Am Available For An Interview

Should you wish to interview me, I can be available at very short notice. I can provide references at the time of the interview should they be required. I look forward to hearing from you. Kindest regards John Brown.

  • Thank you for considering me for the Social Media Manager role at XYZ Company. Per your request, I will call you tomorrow afternoon to arrange for an interview. I look forward to speaking with you. Please let me know if I can.

  • Mention your availability in your cover letter Restate that you are immediately available in the last paragraph of your cover letter. This further emphasises the fact and prevents your recruiter from missing out on it completely. It can also serve as an asset.

  • Download the cover letter template (compatible with Google Docs and Word Online) or see below for an email sample, and more examples of interview winning cover letters. @ The Balance 2020 Download the Word.

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